Delight in all the social activities of the club.

  • Play pickleball or tennis.
  • Swim in the pool.
  • Sunday brunch with friends.
  • More than 25 parties this season.
  • Golf at the daily rate.

Call Kathy for a Social Membership now: (239) 774-2958

Social Memberships include:

  • Swimming
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • Bridge
  • Mah jongg
  • Stitching

Exclusive access to “Member Only” Events.

Current Prices

  • Couple-Social: $572
  • Single-Social: $442
  • Tax Not Included. Other costs listed below.

There are two categories of social memberships with the following privileges and responsibilities.

Couple – Social

A Couple Social membership includes two adults living in the same household and all their children under 18 years of age. Each of these members may use all the facilities of the club (except golf course and golf practice area ) including pickleball, tennis, swimming, dining, and other social activities.  Debt Reduction Fee $26.00 per month.

Single Social

That person may use all facilities of the club except the golf course and golf practice area. His or her children under 18 may also use all the non-golf facilities. If there is another adult living in the household he or she may accompany the member for dining and social functions. There is an additional daily charge to use other club facilities for the non member adult living in the household. Debt Reduction Fee $13.00 per month.

Current Prices

  • Couple Monthly Social $ 208 per month.
  • Single Monthly Social $179 per month.
  • Tax Not Included. Debt Reduction Fee is $13.00 per month.