Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country. It’s a cross between tennis, table tennis, racquetball and badminton, and it can be enjoyed by all age groups, and played at many different levels. It’s played on a court the size of a badminton court with a small paddle and a whiffle ball.

The health benefits of pickleball include weight loss, lower blood pressure, and increased stamina. It is also a wonderful stress reliever in that laughter and camaraderie are ever present during the games. It is a natural progression for tennis and racquetball players who want to continue playing a net sport without the physical stress of those two activities on the knees and other joints.

Pickleball is included at no additional charge in all Limited and Golf memberships. Outside play is available with the purchase of a punch card to accommodate guests who are visiting the area for a limited time. Start up equipment is available on the courts, and new and beginning players are always welcome. Training is as needed and free of charge.

Pickleball is addictive! Please come, join the group, make new friends, and have some fun!

Starting May 1st thru September 30th
(Dues prorated from start date thru 9/30/20

**Summer Pickleball/Tennis Membership**     Single $100.00 + Tax
                                                                           Family $150.00 + Tax