Which one is right for you?

How long are you in the Naples area? How often do the adults in your household play golf each week you are here?

If you live in the Naples area year-round or more than 6 months of the year and your household averages more than two rounds of golf most weeks, then you want to look closely at the Annual Golf  Membership.

Pricing is available for two adult golfing households, a one adult golfing and one adult not golfing household, and for a single golfer household. Children under 18 living in the household are included in each membership at no additional charge.

If you are in Naples for less than 6 months and the average number of rounds of golf exceeds three per week for the adults in your household, then you want to sign up for the monthly membership. You may select as many months as you want and prices vary whether there is one adult golfer or two in your household. Monthly memberships are available to everyone. They are not just trial memberships and may be renewed every year; but if you join as a Golf Annual Member, your monthly membership dues paid for that year can be applied to your Golf Annual Membership dues for that same fiscal year.

Social Memberships are available for the year and as monthly social memberships. Limited memberships include everything but golf and the golf practice facilities. Golf is available at the daily golf rate which varies by the season.

Lakewood Country Club of Naples has a good deal for everyone.

There are no residency requirements.

Current Prices

  • Couple $572 per month + tax
  • Couple – One golf/one social $494 per month + tax
  • Single $468 per month + tax

Monthly memberships start anytime

Tax Not Included. Debt Reduction Fee $26.00 per month. Carts additional.

Call Kathy to purchase your Monthly membership: (239) 774-2958

  • Monthly membership dues will be credited towards any Annual Golf Membership purchased in the same fiscal year
  • Program available throughout the year
  • Unlimited golf
  • Use of all the club facilities
  • Participation in all club activities
  • Carts extra
  • There are three categories of golf memberships with the following privileges and responsibilities.

Couple – 2 Golfers

Couple, both play golf. A membership includes two adults living in the same household and all their children under 18 years of age. Each of these members may use all the facilities of the club including golf, pickleball, tennis, swimming, dining, and other activities. Debt Reduction Fee $26.00 per month.

Couple -1 Golfer

The one member may use all club facilities including golf. The other member may use all facilities except the golf course and practice facility. There is an additional daily charge if that person wants to golf or use the golf practice facilities. All children in the household may use any of the facilities.  Debt Reduction Fee $26.00 per month.

Single Golfer

That person may use all facilities of the club. His or her children under 18 may also use all facilities. If there is another adult living in the household he or she may accompany the member for dining and social functions. There is an additional daily charge to use other club facilities for the non member adult living in the household. Debt Reduction Fee $13.00 per month.